Public Agenda
TYPE: Regular Board Meeting
DATE: 10/9/2023 TIME: 6:30 PM
LOCATION: Raytown Quality Schools - 6608 Raytown Road
DETAILS: Regular Board Meeting
Public notice duly posted, the Raytown C-2 School District Board of Education will hold its regular Board of Education Meeting on Monday, October 9, 2023, at 6:30 pm. This meeting will be held at the Raytown School District's Administration Building, 6608 Raytown Road, Raytown, MO 64133. You may join the meeting via Livestream here: The tentative agenda of this meeting includes a vote to close part of this meeting and enter into executive session pursuant to and in accordance with revised statutes of Missouri (RSMo) Section 610.021. The District and all of its programs and activities are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities, including persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or blind, or who have other sensory impairments. If you require an aid to access the meeting, please contact Rachel Johnston at
Call to Order
1.1 Call to Order Info
Executive Session
2.1 Executive Session Action
Pledge of Allegiance
5.1 Pledge of Allegiance Info
Approval of Agenda
6.1 Approval of October 9, 2023 Agenda Action
Report of Board Members
7.1 Report of Board Members Info
Report of Superintendent
8.1 Elementary School Progress Plan Monthly Summary Report Info
8.2 Secondary School Progress Plan Monthly Summary Report Info
8.3 Monthly Data Review Info
8.4 In-School and Out-of-School Suspension Reports Info
8.5 2023 Bond Update-Raytown South PAC and Auxiliary Gym & Raytown High Auxiliary Gym Info
8.6 Student Representative's Report Info
Presentations and Recognitions
9.1 Ray of Hope Info
9.2 National Principals Month Info
Public Comment Period on Agenda Items
10.1 Public Comment Period on Agenda Items Info
Board Committee Reports
11.1 Finance Committee, Policy Review Committee, Capital Improvement Committee, Community Engagement Committee, Curriculum/Professional Development Committee, Safety Committee, and Citizen's Advisory Committee Update Action
Unfinished Business
12.1 Approval of Board Policies: GBCA-Staff Conflict of Interest; AC-Prohibition against Illegal Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation; EF-Food Service Management; and BBBA-Board Member Qualifications Action
New Business
13.1 Selection of a Technology Recycling and Salvage Service Provider Action
13.2 Annual Secretary to the Board Report Action
13.3 Human Resources Department Strategic Work Info
Consent Agenda Action
14.1 Approval of Consent Agenda Action
14.2 September 11, 2023 Open Session and September 25, 2023 Special Session Minutes Action
14.3 Certificated and Classified Staff Recommendations Action
14.4 Contracts and Agreements Less Than $15,000 Action
14.5 Contracts and Agreements $15,000 to $50,000 Action
14.6 Monthly Bills, Financial and Budget Reports Action
14.7 Monthly Bills (Including Payroll) Action
14.8 Board Member/ELT Monthly P-Card Review Action
14.9 Enhancement Grant FY 2024 Action
14.10 Approval of School Bus Routes 2023-2024 Action
14.11 Request for Proposal English Language Arts - 9-12 Comprehensive Reading And Writing Resource Adoption Action
14.12 Request for Proposal Elementary Science Resource Adoption Action
14.13 Request for Proposal Middle School Science Resource Adoption Action
14.14 Request for Proposal High School Sociology Resource Adoption Action
14.15 Request for Proposal 8th Grade English Language Arts Adoption Action
14.16 Request for Proposal Middle School Math Resource Adoption Action
14.17 Request for Proposal for Human Resources Information Systems Software Action
14.18 Donations to RQS Action
15.1 Adjournment Action
Upcoming Meetings
16.1 November 13, 2023 - Regular Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Info