Board Goals

Name Description
Student Achievement & College/Career Readiness -Provide meaningful student work that will be grounded in culturally responsive connections to the world. -Ensure that students are co-creators of their career pathways, goals, and action plans. -Foster a culture of creativity, equity, excellence, and innovation with our educators. -Support integrated systems for management, communication, and classroom instruction.
Attract, Recruit, and Retain High Quality Staff -Recruit and retain a staff that is reflective of our diverse student population. -Maintain quality work-life experiences for all staff. -Promote continuous and meaningful training and opportunities for career advancement. -Provide competitive salary and benefits packages.
Strengthen Community Relations and Communications -Foster a culture of trust by proactively and openly sharing District processes, decisions and information in a transparent and timely manner. -Collaboration with community, business, government, and higher education, and organizational leaders is established to provide opportunities for students to create positive change and service to our community. -The Board, staff, parents, and community will work collaboratively, proactively and responsibly to ensure the academic and psychological wellbeing of all students. -Maintain a consistent social media presence with weekly posts about District events and activities.
Maintain Fiscal & Operational Integrity and Accountability -Accurate, timely, and complete transparent financial reporting. -Provide a budget aligned with the district's strategic plan. -Maintenance of a long-range capital improvement plan. -Financial operations focused on policy compliance and efficiency.
Board Governance -Engage with state and local legislators regarding impact of potential future law changes to communicate impact to district. -Develop and monitor policies which are supported by actively involved parents and community members. -The Board of Education, both individually and collectively, will consistently adhere to the agreed-upon best-practices and leadership behaviors. -The Board will increase communication and provide opportunities for community input and questions for the physical and mental well being of our students.