Board Goals

Name Description
1. Increase student achievement in all areas i. Obtain full accreditation using state and district assessment measures ii. Support implementation of the 2-year technology plan a. Virtual technology b. Social networking iii. Expand early childhood education
2. Create and maintain a culture that values all in the school community i. Welcome family input regarding the education of their children ii.Welcome student input regarding their education and educational goals iii. Welcome patron input regarding the impact of education within the community as a whole
3. Strive to become the district of choice for the metropolitan area i. attract, recruit, and retain a high-quality, diverse staff ii. Achieve the hiring of qualified certified minority candidates that reflect student enrollment, with incremental increases of 5% per year for 5 years iii. Provide competitive salaries and benefits iv. Maintain and increase student enrollment
4. Assure a clean and safe environment i. Review, implement, and assess crisis disaster plans ii. Cooperate with outside agencies