Board Goals

Name Description
1. Continuous growth towards mastery and improvement for every student through relevant and rigorous curriculum and instruction i. Providing a safe and clean environment ii. Early success through early childhood education iii. Technology Plan improving virtual technology and social networking iv. Project based Learning (STEAM)
2. Attract, Recruit, and Retain High Quality Staff i. Provide market competitive salaries ii. Maintain appropriate class size and caseloads iii. Promotion of continuous training and advanced degrees iv. Racial Equity among staff v. Workplace satisfaction and Value
3. Parent/ Community Engagement by encouraging involvement of every person in our community i. Providing equitable policies, systems, and practices ii. Exhibit shared leadership through committees iii. Build shared ownership and responsibility
4. Financial Responsibility i. Maintain a healthy Operational Fund ii. Identify Partners to support schools and programs iii. Facility Management and Capital Improvement Program iv. Compare and compete with similar school districts